The State and Norsk Tipping have made it possible for clubs and associations to be able to earn extra money through a share of betting funds. This means that 5% of the amount that is being played for will go to the club or association, and best of all, it does not cost the player one cent extra.



Jon plays for 100, -

Jon has chosen to support Moss Baseball Club, so Moss Baseball Club gets 5 Kroner and Norsk Tipping 95.


Had Jon decided not to support someone, Norsk Tipping would have received 100 Kroner.



Send organization number 998313767 in an SMS to 2020.


At your local tipping spot

Enter our organization "998313767" or just simply "Moss Baseball Club" when tipping.

If you are playing with Norsk Tipping, you can register us as a receiver when logged in on












We use a service called GoFundMe. It is a service where you can make donations to various clubs, associations, charities that have signed up through the site.


We are in need of funds for equipment and outfits. Since baseball equipment is hard to find in Norway we must order it from the United States. This increases the cost of the total purchase.


You can transfer money through PayPal or by major credit/bank card.


Take a look at













Become a supporter!

Moss Shields is a small club, and we will always depend on every bit of support we can get to make the wheels keep turning. YOU can help us with just that!


By paying a small fee off 300 Kroner to Moss Baseballclubs bank account-number 1204.04.92575, you will be a invaluable supporter to the club, and you will get these following perks:


- Discount with several of our partners

- Voting rights at our annual general meetings

- Admission to events held by the club. (Kick-off etc)


When you make your payment, we want you to write the following; “Støttemedlem” and your name, and we’ll contact you to get the rest of the information we’ll need.