Baseball language a-m


ace - A team's best starting pitcher.

alley - The section of the outfield between the outfielders. Also "gap."

around the horn - A double play going from third base to second to first.

backdoor slider - A pitch that appears to be out of the strike zone, but then breaks back over the plate.

bag - A base.

Baltimore chop - A ground ball that hits in front of home plate (or off of it) and takes a large hop over the infielder's head.

bandbox- A small ballpark that favors hitters.

bang-bang play - A play in which the baserunner hits the bag a split-second before the ball arrives or vice versa.

basket catch - When a fielder catches a ball with his glove near belt level.

Bronx cheer - When the crowd boos.

brushback - A pitch that nearly hits a batter.

bush - Also "bush league." An amateur play or behavior.

can of corn - An easy catch by a fielder.

caught looking - When a batter is called out on strikes.

cellar - Last place. Also "basement."

cheese - Also "good cheese." Refers to a good fastball.

chin music - A pitch that is high and inside.

circus catch - An outstanding catch by a fielder.

closer - A team's relief pitcher who finishes the game.

cutter - A cut fastball (one with a late break to it).

cycle - When a batter hits a single, double, triple and home run in the same game.

dinger - A home run.

dish - Home plate.

fireman - A team's closer or late-inning relief pitcher.

fungo - A ball hit to a fielder during practice. It's usually hit by a coach using a "fungo bat," which is longer and thinner than a normal bat.

gap - See "alley." A ball hit here is a "gapper."

gopher ball - A pitch hit for a home run, as in "go for."

heat - A good fastball. Also "heater."

high and tight - Referring to a pitch that's up in the strike zone and inside on a hitter. Also known as "up and in."

hill - Pitcher's mound.

homer - A home run. Other terms include: blast, dinger, dong, four-bagger, four-base knock, moon shot, tape-measure blast and tater.

hot corner - Third base.

in the hole - The batter after the on-deck hitter.

jam - When a hitter gets a pitch near his hands, he is "jammed." Also when a pitcher gets himself in trouble, he is in a "jam."

leather - Refers to how good a player plays defensively or handles the glove. Ex: "He flashed some leather on that play."

meatball - An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate.

Mendoza line - A batting average of around .200.

moon shot -- A very long, high home run.


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